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Herbs can be very confusing.  We have put together a little guide through our products and why we chose certain herbs to perform certain duties.  All "Saanen" products are made from natural materials, many of which are grown at Emerald Farm.  Others come from as far away as France, or the Orient, from trusted growers we continuously use.  

This extra expense to us assures you that we provide only the purest ingredients in your products.  True essential oils, not simply fragrances are used for their therapeutic properties.  No additives, no preservatives, and no lab prepared chemicals are used in "Saanen" products.  

Few other companies share our philosophy of providing the purest natural products because these are better for your health.  The short cuts of man made science that are used in most over the counter products today may reduce costs of production at the expense of your health.  

We hope the Herbal Store at Emerald Farm will bring you great health. If you use the products, you can improve your chances of a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Please feel free to ask about the particular qualities of any of our products.  Our associates will happily share our knowledge with you.


NATURES' NECTAR - This moisturizer is made from fruit kernel oils and is fortified with vitamin E. After washing apply a few drops to moist skin and rub in. This will take the water back into your skin keeping it more pliable. Nature's Nectar works well under makeup and as a massage oil.

BODY DUST - A unique blend of natural powders slightly scented with herbal oils. Delightfully refreshing after bath. Dust sheets for sweet dreams.

ROSEWATER AND GLYCERIN - Very delicate moisturizer made from rose petals and glycerin.

LIP BALM - A Special treat for sun or wind burned lips. This balm is made from our pure honey and beeswax, sweet almond oil. A real treat for your smile.

FACIAL MASK - A special blend of natural clays and our pure honey will deep clean your skin and leave it very soft. Mix clay with honey and apply a thin layer on your skin. Allow time to dry and wash with warm water, Splash with cold water and moisturize.

HERBAL SCRUB - This is a blend of powdered goat milk, herbs and goat soap chips. The linen bag will gently work on dead skin and the herbs will stimulate new cell growth. Hang to dry after use. It will be ready to use again.

SAANEN OATMEAL SOAP - Our soap is a custom blend of whole goat milk and powder soft oatmeal. We have added the softness of glycerin and the stimulating antiseptic qualities of lavender's essential oils to create a gentle deep cleaning soap for the entire family, babies to elders. Excellent for all types of skin, "Saanen" Goat Milk Soap has worked well on many sensitivity problems, such as; cradle cap, psoriasis, allergies, rashes and acne.

SAANEN SILK- OLIVE OIL - is a gentle blend of whole goat milk and pure olive oil. Our "Saanen" Silk bar soap is a delightful way to pamper yourself. The combination of these natural ingredients moisturize while cleaning deeply. This leaves your skin feeling refreshed but not dry.

SAANEN HAND AND BODY WASH  - Now use our unique goat milk soap in a liquid form for greater convenience.  Attractive pump bottle makes a grand addition to your decor while safely cleansing your body.  Also available in a bath or shower dispensed hanging container.

GOAT MILK LOTION - Now use our unique goat milk solution as a liquid emulsion to soften and beautify your skin.

HERBAL MILK BATH - delightful way to relieve stress. Add 2 - 4 Tbs. to warm bath and soak away tension. The aromas will relax you while the herbs work on detoxing your skin. Enjoy.

HERBAL BATH SALTS - Natural salts soften your skin and exfoliates dead cells stimulating new growth. The natural herbal fragrances will delight your spirits.

PEPPERMINT MASSAGE OIL - Apply a few drops, massage tires feet, renews circulation. Relax and enjoy.

BUBBLING BATH OIL - The palm kernel emollients, cocoa butter & almond oil soften and moisturize your skin. Add to bath water, enjoy.

GOAT MILK LOTION - Our soothing lotion naturally conditions and heals. The natural oils & chamomile flowers moisturize & replenish the skin. Aloe and wheat proteins rebuild tissue restoring its youthful glow.

HERBAL SKIN TONER - Lightly spritz on your face while washing or whenever needed to refresh skin. Witch hazel and herbal oils give a revitalizing lift to tired skin.

NEWTON HOMEOPATHS - Make your Herbs and Supplements work better with Homopathy. Safe, Natural and Easy to use....

NOTHING BUT NATURAL FOR KIDS - Each formula contains ingredients carefully selected from over 30 years of clinical experience. Newton has provided these remedies to support all parents making a conscientious choice for their children's health. Each Nothing But Natural remedy is specially formulated and highly effective for children. The water used in Nothing But Natural remedies is spring water. The alcohol added in the liquid formations is the minimum possible for preservation. There is no alcohol in the pellet form.

The same careful study of nutrients is made of the other products sold by The Herbal Store.  Only the most reliable and reputable manufacturers can have their products available through The Herbal Store at Emerald Farm!  Whether homeopathic or naturalistic, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the results that can be achieved through regular use of these products.  Remember that the body, skin especially, rebuilds itself over a seven year period.  This rebuilding from the bottom layers upward allows your body to adjust to the conditions, within and without, that are presented.  You can improve your body with proper exercise, a nutritious diet, and care.

Source Naturals - Among the first to introduce scores of nutrients to America that have since become household names, for example, lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, N-acetyl glucosamine, propolis, and spirulina.

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